Names of the executables

Are you planning to keep your executables named like uplink_linux_amd64 encoding the OS and arch in the name? That seems … unusual. For one, I will never have two “uplink” with different OS and arch on the same machine, as only one will ever work there.

Also, names like uplink or identity aren’t really particularly telling for people who run a lot of different apps on the same box. I would prefix those names with storj- e.g. storj-uplink etc.

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If you dont like the naming you could rename it yourself but how else would you know which OS it was for, if there was only one name and you were running Windows and You download the executable for Linux they wouldnt work. Each Are built for that OS there not created equal.

Im not sure I understand this as the names tell you exactly what it is so theres no mistaken it for something else.

According to this line of reasoning, should /bin/ls on Linux be called /bin/ls_linux_amd64 ?

This is clearly not even the samething, One is built into linux and the other is a separate program running in linux so I dont really understand what your point is.

you can always just use a soft-link and name it whatever you want.

It is the same thing, the only difference is /bin vs /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. That’s where it will be stored when it is distributed through package managers, like v2. It will have to be renamed. It makes no sense to type “uplink_linux_amd64” as a command in terminal.

If storjlabs doesn’t rename it then the repository maintainers probably will.

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Ive said this once already if you dont like the naming you can simply rename it to whatever you want too.

Yes, and my point is that it is better Storj picks a preferred name than that every distro picks their own. One set of documentation, imagine!

The problem is you can’t. Maybe right now when it’s just in your home folder and only you are using it, but later it will be in /usr/bin and other programs will depend on it. They will expect it to be exactly the same on all machines. (So in the literal sense you can rename it but it will probably break stuff)

Were talking about now not later in production everything can change. Obviously if its in a distro its going to know which OS its running on but right now there isnt a set distro for anything your downloading it manually.

We’re going to be renaming the binaries within the zip files soon. We’ve been meaning to for a while. Having one set of docs is an especially good point.