NAS Qnap TS 412 with StorJ Node

Hey Node Hosters,

i have a Qnap TS 412 with 10 TB space.

Is ist possible to install a node ?

I try to install the binary file in the GUI but i fail.

Hello @MasterOfFire3,
Welcome to the forum!

Seems your model doesn’t have a Container Station: , thus can’t officially run Docker.
It has only 256MB of RAM, it’s extremely low to run something. It is very unlikely that you can run even an ARM binary extracted from the docker image.

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Hi Alexey ,

tanks for your reply.

Now i have Model with Container Station.

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For completeness sake I just want to add that I have v 1.19.4 running on a TS-431, which has about 500MB RAM. Storj uses 20 MB at idle, so it should be possible to run it on the 256MB models. I’m about to post a how-to for this.

Cool! I got a ts421u lying around. Would be great if I can make a node of this one!

You are welcome. I’ve already started writing up the instructions.