NAS QNAP TS451D2 -- node Status NOT started

Hi dear community,

I just setup my first node on an NAS

and when I installed the app version: 1.1.0 and I press on Start it shows following status:
“Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?”

Also at the identity, the loading spinner, doesnt stop spinning.

Any suggestion?

I managed to make it run, needed to reinstal container Station and it worked, but still the Identity is spining without stop…

any idea on that?

also, it’s not posible to visualize the Dashboard, didnt find anyone with the same problem on NAS…

You could generate the identity on another computer and transfer it on your NAS.

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that’s what i did, let my AMD FX8 made the calculation of the proof of work. Than I copied and past it to the NAS…

Then I misunderstood the “identity is spinning” part of your statement. Can you elaborate ?

I just reset everything and I will give it another try. Once this is done I will be back, maybe with some screenshots and more details. :slight_smile: thank you for the support! really great.


Hi everyone,

got busy busy and could keep seting up the node. For now I have reset my QNAP TS45 … I did couple of mistakes so I thought starting from scretch would be the best. Did you guys update to lates QNAP OS version? What version would you recomend? Cheers :slight_smile: