Native Synology Application

I would love to see some native NAS applications for Node Operators.
Plex does a great job with this on my Synology.
Symform use to have a great native NAS app before closing up shop.

Download from your site, do manual install from the GUI, and then config via web UI.


It’s in the works! As per Q4 Townhall, stay tuned for Synology, Freenas, and QNAP integrations. :slight_smile:


I’m interested in this as well! For now, I map the drive via NFS with a Linux host running the server.

This is not a supported setup. Just search the forums for NFS to see how many problems people are having with that. You should use iSCSI instead.

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Understood, I’m switching to iSCSI today.


Any news regarding Synology Native app for Storj?


Any update on native NAS apps?

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I’m sure if there is anything to share it would be posted right away. They’re well aware that many people are looking forward to these.


Looking forward to this!!! My Synology can’t run Docker so I’m hoping it will be able to run Storj as as native app. I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 right now, but it would be great to just have the one device running.

@cy2k it is in our roadmap and we are working on it. We will announce it right after it will be ready.


@ap0gee - we’re nearing a beta release of the app within the next two weeks. We’ll be posting a link to the repo with the build here in the forums so we can get community feedback.



@cy2k - what model do you have? The app we are releasing to the community is based on the docker container.

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ah, ok. Well mine can’t run Docker because it’s not an Intel chip.

I have the DS218play :disappointed_relieved:

I have 2 412+ :slight_smile: bring it on :wink:

There are likely many obsolete Synology NAS boxes which would make for wonderful repurposed Storj nodes, if the team could make that happen. I have a DS416j with 8TB I would like to dedicate to Storj. It cannot run Docker. Will Storj native app support it?