Native Tardigrade integration for Duplicati

Ok thank you for the feedback. I will double check that.

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Thanks to the native implementation I decided to replace FreeFileSync to back up files with Duplicati.

Though I at first struggled a little bit to find the good option for me, one of which is to reduce zip-compression-level to avoid my computer from freezing, Duplicati looks to me a far rational choice. Since I am not familiar with a command line, having a GUI to schedule backing up is the decisive point.

I have already set up five tasks to back up files on Tardigrade! Please keep up the nice work, team :slight_smile:


@littleskunk Did you found out which version from Duplicati have the Tardigrade implementation?

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@jensamberg So far I can only confirm that the duplicati/duplicati docker image is strange. After starting the container I am unable to use the web interface. All drop down menus are empty. I have the feeling the docker container is downloading something in the background and after a few minutes I can start using it but the tardigrade connector is missing. I am not sure how the docker container works. I am also not sure why there is a difference to the linuxserver/duplicati image. If the version would be broken I would expect both images to fail. One of them is working and one is not :confused:

@TopperDEL do you have any ideas?

Here are my docker run command

docker run \
--rm \
--name duplicati \
--volume /mnt/ssd/duplicati:/config \
--volume /mnt/ssd/myfiles:/backup \
--publish 8200:8200 \

docker run \
--rm \
--name duplicati \
--volume /mnt/ssd/duplicati-data:/data \
--volume /mnt/ssd/myfiles:/backup \
--publish 8200:8200 \
duplicati/duplicati:canary \
duplicati-server \
--webservice-port=8200 \
--webservice-interface=* \
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This happens to me too, sometimes it also happens during normal runtime and in a few hours it might be accessible again or a container restart is required. However, the container still works in the background and does all my backups. It never missed an execution, even though the frontend was unavailable.

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Same for me. It takes 5 seconds switching after login from English to German e.g.

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@littleskunk i wil try the linuxserver container.

@TopperDEL Thanks great work. I have one suggestion. Is it possible to implent a double check of the encryption password?

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I’m running Version: - from a Docker instance and Tardigrade isn’t on the dropdown list.

In System properties, I see it referenced here:

* backendgroups : {"std":{"ftp":null,"ssh":null,"webdav":null,"openstack":"OpenStack Object Storage / Swift","s3":"S3 Compatible","aftp":"FTP (Alternative)"},"local":{"file":null},"prop":{"s3":null,"azure":null,"googledrive":null,"onedrive":null,"onedrivev2":null,"sharepoint":null,"msgroup":null,"cloudfiles":null,"gcs":null,"openstack":null,"hubic":null,"b2":null,"mega":null,"box":null,"od4b":null,"mssp":null,"dropbox":null,"sia":null,"tardigrade":null,"jottacloud":null,"rclone":null,"cos":null}}
* GroupTypes : ["Local storage","Standard protocols","Proprietary","Others"]
* Backend modules: aftp azure b2 box cloudfiles dropbox ftp file googledrive gcs hubic jottacloud mega msgroup onedrivev2 sharepoint openstack rclone s3 ssh od4b mssp sia tahoe cos webdav
* Compression modules: zip 7z
* Encryption modules: aes gpg

Running help from CLI says:

(base) StoneBLMBPro-15:~ $ docker run --rm duplicati/duplicati:canary  duplicati-cli help tardigrade
Topic not found: tardigrade

See duplicati.commandline.exe help <topic> for more information.
  General: example, changelog
  Commands: backup, find, restore, delete, compact, test, compare, purge,
  Repair: repair, affected, list-broken-files, purge-broken-files
  Debug: debug, logging, create-report, test-filters, system-info, send-mail
  Targets: aftp, azure, b2, box, cloudfiles, dropbox, ftp, file, googledrive,
  gcs, hubic, jottacloud, mega, msgroup, onedrivev2, sharepoint, openstack,
  rclone, s3, ssh, od4b, mssp, sia, tahoe, cos, webdav
  Modules: aes, gpg, zip, 7z, console-password-input, mssql-options,
  hyperv-options, http-options, sendhttp, sendmail, runscript, sendxmpp,
  Formats: date, time, size, encryption, compression
  Advanced: mail, advanced, returncodes, filter, filter-groups, <option>              Version:  -

This post on duplicati suggests a library update may have broken the August canary (what is mono-complete?):

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You can get the same version from linuxserver/duplicati and it will work. I don’t know what the problem with the docker image is but why does it affect only 1 out of 2 docker images?

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I cannot add much to that discussion, I assume @littleskunk, as I do not know anything about Docker and the images. But the mentioned issue from duplicati seems to fit quite good. Duplicati just recently (and also due to the way the Tardigrade-Backend was implemented) switched to a higher .Net-Version. That also lead to the need for a different Mono-version, so that might be the issue here. If the Tardigrade-Backend-DLL could not be loaded (due to a missing .Net/Mono-Version), the Backend would effectively not get shown by the frontend.

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The double-check of the encryption password is a very nice feature suggestion! I totally missed that.
Yep, I will add it. Thanks!


I suspect this is it also. That’s the issue in the link I posted in my comment above. I successfully install Duplicati client (non-Docker) which required the Mono upgrade and that works. I haven’t retried Docker again to see it it was affected.

I’ll just stand by for the git hub issue to be resolved and grab the next canary version.

@stonematt For security reasons I would recommend to use the docker image from linuxserver anyway. It allows you to run duplicati as a non root user. That doesn’t matter too much but if I have the choice to limit the potential damage by executing just 2 additional commands I would be stupid to not take it.

The linuxserver image is not affected and you can play around with it without having to wait.

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