Need a consultation

Yesterday I discovered that something was wrong with my node, as a result, the container generally refused to open with an amendment saying that there isn’t one.
I restored everything, a new dashboard appeared and here is the question.
How to find how much my node was offline and what means REPAIR EGRESS?


You can select each satellite (where it says ¨Choose your satellite¨) and see the node´s uptime on that specific satellite. If you want to keep track of downtime, what has worked best for me is uptimerobot (app you can have send alerts when your node goes offline and when it comes back online to your phone and/or to your email). But since currently low uptime doesn´t trigger pausing of your node (while we reasssess our reputation algorithm) I would be more concerned that your Disk size remaining shows a negative number, which indicates that you have overallocated your available disk space. Please adjust the total shared space so that you do not share the entire disk, leave some room for overhead (at least 10%). repair egress refers to the egress bandwidth you provided for repair (you get paid for this)

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