Need help, please

I hope someone help me to fix this problem

It’s just as the message says. You uploaded one set of files using one passphrase and another set of files using a different passphrase. Since the files are encrypted using the respective passphrase you can only access the files that can be decrypted.

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To unlock these files you need to use exactly the same encryption phrase, used during upload.
Nobody can decrypt it without your encryption phrase.
If you lost it, you can only remove these objects:
Please note that even if you lost your encryption phrase and did not save the access grant, you can still remove buckets by following these instructions:

Using UI:

  1. In your dashboard, navigate to Buckets
  2. Click on three vertical dots on the right side of the bucket
  3. Select Delete, confirm deletion
  4. Navigate to Access
  5. Delete lost access grants.

Alternately, using Uplink CLI:

  1. Create an access grant
  2. Setup an uplink with that access grant

To list buckets:

uplink ls

To list objects which uses the current encryption phrase:

uplink ls sj://my-bucket

If list of objects is empty - there is no objects with current encryption phrase. If you lost the previous encryption passphrase, you can only delete the previous objects or even the buckets.

To list objects in encrypted form:

uplink ls --encrypted sj://my-bucket

To remove object in encrypted form:

uplink rm --encrypted sj://my-bucket/An1LhSLauz-ROF8oLgLV1UrafXZVUm3HEtU8irR8il4oFI9Xqzc=

To remove buckets where you lost an encryption phrase:

uplink rb --force sj://my-bucket

If you have a lot of objects inside the bucket, it could timeout. In this case you need to remove the encrypted content first:

uplink rm --recursive --encrypted --parallelism 100 sj://my-bucket

Then remove the bucket:

uplink rb --force sj://my-bucket

If you have some objects, which uses a different encryption phrase, you can move your decryptable objects, and remove only not decryptable.

Create a temporary bucket:

uplink mb sj://temp-bucket

Move all decryptable objects there:

uplink mv --recursive sj://my-bucket sj://temp-bucket

Check that there is no decryptable objecs remained:

uplink ls --recursive sj://my-bucket

Then remove the bucket as described above.
Or remove only not decryptable:

uplink rm --recursive --encrypted sj://my-bucket

and move your decryptible objects back:

uplink mv --recursive sj://temp-bucket sj://my-bucket

After that you can remove the temp bucket

uplink rb sj://temp-bucket