Need Help: QNAP Storj App V. 1.1.4 Not Working

After restarting the container, QUIC Ok appears Thank you very much for the support!!!

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Btw. is there a command to “read out” the current docker run command?

I don´t understand, what command?

I started my node, ages ago. sudo docker run … but I lost the command so nowadays I just stop and start the container. One day I need to change the command.

Ok, I have saved the command

Several methods:

  1. Use a saved command :wink:
  2. Use a history command in the terminal
  3. Build the command from scratch using information from docker inspect storagenode

You may also create a docker-compose.yaml file, save it to the data location and use docker-compose up -d in that folder or provide a path to that file in docker-compose -f /path/to/docker-compose.yaml up -d command.
See example of such file there:

But you need to update this section:


      - 28967:28967/tcp
      - 28967:28967/udp
      - 14002:14002