Need help/tut setting up a new node trough docker on a new dedicated server with 1tb hdd space

ive got a few servers i am renting of which i am not using all the space (all my servers got 1 tb atleast )

so i tough i would try and run a node -all servers have 1 gb unmeterd bandwith.
.so for ive install portainer . for ease of use and im running debian 10 with 2 cores. 4gig ram. and 1 tb space on a fresh debian 10 install

i am using Become a Storj Node Operator: Step-by-step tutorial – Gateway IT
to see how i need to set up things (really wish their is a better guide on how to set up a node on a normal server ) -but i keep seeing an error
here is the log from portainer

Hey @ilco3, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

There are many errors I don’t get linked to graceful exits which is weird as you probably didn’t run any “exit” procedure yet I guess…

On the other hand, the following error suggests that you’re not allocating enough space to your node:

2021-05-19T20:20:22.051Z	ERROR	piecestore:monitor	Total disk space is less than required minimum	{"bytes": 500000000000}

You should allocate at least 500GB to your node. Try to fix that first and report back :slight_smile:

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