Need some Media (Logos) for a Review on my Website


like the topic already says, i need some Informations / Logos / Media for my Website because i want to write a short review about Storage Nodes an StorJ.
But i dont find anything of them.

And why we dont have a Affiliate Programm? :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if there’s special permission needed or something, but i doubt that they would have a problem if you just copied the storj logo from the website.

I don’t work for storj though so i cannot be sure on this one hah

Usually companies have a “press kit” or similar - archives of logos you can use and the guidelines for using them. That would be a good idea for Storj as well.

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Press Kit:


Lol, should have checked before made my post :smiley:

Good job!

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