Need some quick feedback from storage node operators 🙏

I am doing some research to help us build a better experience for users considering running a storage node. Would you be able to help me by taking this short survey? Thanks a bunch! :smile:

Survey Link


Done, but after got some to add,
calculator: 1) you have not report about vetteng and it show on first month posible egress of full node, but people will get throstration about this differens in calc and reality.
2) Also you can show in calculations on last month averege statistic(even if it is test data but it is real) it give also more to people.
Web page: you can show last month stats for weted nodes and not veted nodes. Your Moderators here are responding almost every day, why it is so low bandwidth and most are not veeted nodes.


You also could add a bonussystem that offers some extra earnings based on uptime goals,
by running redundant Nodes or industrial Hardware.

Could be much more attractive for professional SNO and such ones who want to become it.
I think there could be a good balance between later payed estimates based on uptime months
and extra monthly earnings based on uptime per month.

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How storj will control what hardware you have? it almost not posible, how many ethernet lines you have, UPS. Soon will all wil be with professional hardware virtualy, because it cant be controlled. but benefits on uptime is real thing.