Need to apply new Data Storage - Qnap

Hi. My initial Qnap configuration was successful with Storj running. However after a short time the node was down. I discovered a log indicating lack of storage. My initial Volume was 350 GB and I had set Storj to use 1 TB !
Now I have created a second Volume on Qnap with 1 TB of space and would like to configure Storj to use this space. Should I keep the existing Storage Volume and use both or just point Storj to the new volume ?

How to go about changing this configuration - some data has appeared in the original folder.

Will you create a new node with a new identity?

It is recommended to leave an extra 10% free space for the node. So when your volume is 1TB, you should size your node to ~900GB.

Please, do not point your existing node to the new empty volume - it will disqualified.
You can either move data to the greater volume or create a new node with a new identity and this empty volume (so you will have two nodes).

I have copied files and folders to its new home.

are common. So leave these.
Dashboard has been altered to point to the new storage. Storj is operational.
If all goes well I will delete above from the original Storage volume.

Thank you.