Need to hold Ether to exchange storj tokens?

Hi, is there a wallet in which it is not necessary to hold Ether to exchange?

To transfer tokens from one address to another, you need to pay a commission to the miners. Since the STORJ token is an ERC20 Ethereum token, you need to pay the commission in ETH.

If you would use a deposit address of centralized exchange, you will pay fee to the exchange for trade and fee for withdrawal (when you would decide to withdraw your funds) in tokens.
However, the deposit address of any exchange is not a wallet - you will not have a private key from this address and if something goes wrong - your funds could be lost forever.


My Ledger Nano hard wallet comes with a swapping option directly to Eth that means you do not need to hold ETH but there is a cost ofc you pay but no need to buy ETH.

As i remeber Uniswap take for swap in coin you want to swap, so if you swap storj then pay in storj

No, you still need ETH to pay gas