Negativ disc space

I still have negative disk space in my Drive Share Dashboard. And that for over 2 weeks.
Total disk space is 1.8766TB
Used disk space is at 1.533TB (86% with 257GB free space)
My run command does allocate 1.5TB

du -sh trash
1.1G trash

               Available       Used     Egress      Ingress
 Bandwidth       47.7 TB     2.3 TB     2.0 TB     285.0 GB (since Jan 1)
      Disk      -62.5 GB     1.6 TB

This situation was also befor 30.5, with 30.5 and now still with 31.9.

Last time i had this same situation maybee 2 months ago, after a restart it was gone. Now not.

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Well then you got a bit more space used than allocated, maybe due to a bug I reported a while ago that made it possible for a node to receive new data although it was full.
That space however won’t go away until enough test data gets deleted.