Negative disk space available


I just noticed something strange in the dashboard on one of my nodes. The available disk space shows a large negative value and the used space is large than the capacity of the hard drive. Checking with df however shows that there is about 100 GB of free space on the drive. The node is setup to use 2.7 TB but for some reason it thinks it is using more than that. The node is on version 1.5.2.

What is going on here and could this be bad for my node?


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Did you know you have to keep 10% HDD space for overhead ?

It seems you have 2.7T total space and you have give all of it to the node. You are risking your node with over allocation. You should stop the node and use only 90% of actual disk space. Do this ASAP.

You are correct. I missed the part that I should leave 10% unused. I have updated my config. Thanks!

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Thank you for the links to the other topics. So it seems like it is not a unique issue for my node.

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