Net i/o + storage i/o looking strange around 6 am daily

Hi there,

net i/o and storage i/o in Grafana look a bit strange and you might have an idea, what is going on:

In the first screen you can see a drop in net i/o around 6 am today, meanwhile for storage i/o it seems, that there was a “huge” rate-in at this time (correct?). I wonder, why “storage in” is not reflected in “net in”. → do not understand from a technical point of view.

In the second screen you can see, that this behaviour is similar on a daily basis since October 2nd. Which is strange, as the node is never offline since a while and Saturday morning (October 2nd) is a time, I’ve definitely not changed anything in the network.

Thx in advance

Do you have a internet connection with automatic disconnect by your ISP every 24h?

I have similar graphs when my DSL-Router gets a new dynamic IP, the network needs some time to handle this.

That might be the reason, indeed.

I’ve changed the config of my FritzBox in order not to force a refresh between 5/6 am. Let’s see if that helps or if the provider now refreshes during the day. :v:t2:

A FritzBox has a event log in the ‘System’ menu (‘Ereignisse’ in german), here are reconnects logged.
You could check the times against the drops in your graphs.

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High peaks in storage i/o could be a garbage collector. You need to compare with deleting events.

If something works - do not touch :slight_smile:

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Yeah, checked and deselected daily auto disconnect.

Let’s see over night or tomorrow. :sweat_smile: Currently online and running well.

FYI - I have reactivated the daily auto disconnect, as the reconnection took much longer without that. I’ll keep it like that now. :slight_smile: Thank you for your support @Krawi + @Alexey

Could you please elaborate what do you mean by that?

From Online Documentation:

This part:

If the Internet Service Provider clears the connection at an inconvenient time,
you can reschedule this event for a more convenient period. To do this,
enable the option “Delay disconnection by provider to the period between”.
Then select the period of time from the list

Oh I see. Thank you. Seems this is specific for this router and perhaps to ISP.

With switching to mandatory VoIP for all until 2022 in germany this should be gone soon, but a disconnect every 180 days would be still happening.

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Sounds promising. Especially as this was activated from the provider this month and did not happen before. Strange. Thank you.