Network error with `uplink share`

Hey all,

For the last couple hours I’ve been getting failures when running uplink share. Nothing in my code has changed so I’m assuming it’s likely related to a failing Storj API? Full stack trace below:

Failing command: uplink share --url --readonly --access [access here] sj://[path here]

Stack trace:

uplink: dial to auth service failed: rpc: EOF*Config).RegisterAccess:64

Hello @corbt ,
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Seems auth service for your location is failing to register an access grant on GatewayMT.
What is geographical location of the device with uplink?
What is version of uplink? (uplink version)

There was an outage but it seems to work now. Please try again.


Yeah the jobs have gone through now. Where do you track and report outages? stayed green throughout the process, which is concerning.

Hi Corbt,

Thanks for reporting this to us. You were looking in the right place. We do post outages there. Not every outage is automated to report there and at times we have to triage and then add the detail manually and/or post date it. It’s our intention to give you up to date information so you aren’t wondering if it’s something on your end versus ours. We continue to refine this process and make it better, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to improve it.


Thanks, appreciate the support!

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