Network problem?

Today i spot strange behavior, my nod stop recieving new data.

From log i dont see any problem. Still some PUT/GET are here, but it is only sometimes.
What is wrong?

Your expectation is wrong. Thats all :slight_smile:

So, this is default behavior?
Maybe my expectation is big, but myself should glad to see “somewhere”, that traffic is lowering, not a problem or something similar.

I think tests are stopped at the moment.

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i confirm that traffic is low !!
do you know if the income of data will resume ?

This is not mining, space is used by real people. You can’t expect the constant uploads or downloads.
Since it’s alpha, the data is uploaded and downloaded by testers and developers. They perform tests when they needed and how much they needed.

if there is a possibility to stop our nodes during no test perdiods i will agree

You have agreed to participate in the alpha testing. If you don’t want to - you can stop and remove the storagenode.
However, the graceful exit doesn’t implemented yet, so, unfortunately it’s mean that you will lost your pending payout and held amount too.

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it’s a good time for maintenance, but i wouldn’t keep it shut down long if you want to build reputation for that identity.

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Thank you for confirmations, guys.

@Alexey or @jocelyn You know, many tests you have in your plan, but know about it. We, SNO, dont know it. We only spot strange behavior and get stress with questions “It is correct? It is good or bad? …”.

In fact, I would like to ask you to inform comunity about all your next steps before you do it. Like in this with wipe. If you dont sent this information, be sure, that next question in new topic from me should be “Where is all data from my node?” :wink: .

In announce part of forum you can place information something like “In this time window we test this and this …”. I am sure, that you can get more information, like you expect - SNOs can give you feedback from they side.

Of course, just a suggestion from my side :slight_smile: . Please, consider my question as answered.

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That doesn’t change the answer. Customer can decide to upload, download or do nothing any time. Do they need to ask for permission to do so? Why? -> The tests should work the same way. Lets start an upload in the middle of the night without any information and see what happens. We want to run test under real conditions.

You are the guinea pig in this test and if we tell you anything about the test itself we will invalidate the test results. That is how it works. One of our tests is showing some problems connected to storage node behavior. We can’t change the behavior but we have ideas how we can deal with it. I hope you understand that it is important to repeat the tests a few times under real conditions. It would be a bad idea to manipulate the storage node behavior. Do what ever you have to do and we will have to find ways to deal with it.


@littleskunk OK, fully understand. But please add clear information, that node isnt disqualified! Otherwise, I must ask, that specify behavior is good for me or not. Or sit on chair in sweet ignorance and hope, that is everything OK. And this waiting for hang isnt good for SNO, who want build his reputation …

So, give me better choice like still asking, if you hate still answering.

@Adavan this alpha is not yet feature complete. But the devs have been working hard on a SNOboard that will show stats like uptime and audit rates. More informations for SNO’s will be available soon. We just need to be a little patient until then.


@BrightSilence Thank you. This is what i want to read :slight_smile: . Have somewhere exact information about status (or health) of my node from network view.

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In the mean time you can do some calculations on your own using the script I posted here.

Keep in mind this script uses the docker logs and those are wiped with every update, so it may not show much right now.

@BrightSilence Thank you, I know about it. But as you wrote, this information are inaccurate :frowning: .
I affraid, that until new dashboard version, still must checks logs and forums :frowning:. Hope, that situation change to better :).