Network problems... probably

Hi all, I guess I need your help… I can’t figure it out anymore. I’ve had multiple nodes in the past, but for a while I only ran one. Now I wanna setup a second one and I just can’t find the mistake.

Existing node:
Router port forwarding to the local server:
28967tcp → 28967tcp
28967udp → 28967udp

Docker compose:

  • 28967:28967/tcp
  • 28967:28967/udp
  • 14002:14002


  • ADDRESS=[my-public-ip]:28967

New node I’m trying to create:
Router port forwarding to the local server:
29001tcp → 29001tcp
29001udp → 29001udp

Docker compose:

  • 29001:28967/tcp
  • 29001:28967/udp
  • 15001:14002


  • ADDRESS=[my-public-ip]:29001

I can reach the dashboard of both nodes, no problem. The dashboard of the “to be created” node says Status=offline, QUIC=Misconfigured. In the logs I get the following error:
contact:service failded PingMe request to satellite

What I also saw is the following in the logs:
INFO Public server started on [::]:7777
INFO Private server started on

…while on the existing/running node it says

INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
INFO Private server started on

Firewall settings on the server are also correct, I’ve even tried with the FW off.

Can someone see anything wrong with my config?
I’ll copy the docker-compose bellow:

version: "3.8"
        container_name: storagenode01
        image: storjlabs/storagenode:latest
        network_mode: bridge
        restart: unless-stopped
            - "29001:28967"
            - "29001:28967/udp"
            - 15001:14002
            - /volume1/docker/storjnode01/config/identity:/app/identity
            - /volume1/storjnode01:/app/config
            - WALLET=[my-wallet]
            - EMAIL=[my-email]
            - ADDRESS=[my-public-ip]:29001
            - STORAGE=2TB
            - TZ=[my-TZ]
INFO Public server started on [::]:7777

This seems the line of concern.

Can you check in /volume1/storjnode01/config.yaml what is set for server.address, and change it back to :28967?


Thanks for your answer!

There is no config.yaml file in /volume1/storjnode01/

Might something be wrong with my paths?

Did you used Setup true on your first container start?