"NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." error when trying to open bucket

I have been unable to open any buckets from the web browser or cyberduck. Files are still downloadable through the share links I have already created, however.

Satellite: US1

Hello @DecentralFeline,
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Make sure that you do not have any blockers for our resources, or use tools with a native integration, like Uplink CLI or rclone.

You should allow connection to our resources *.storj.io on your blocking software.
I can suggest to use your mobile internet connection to avoid blocking from your ISP.

Apparently my ISP is blocking access to storj. Rclone is also affected by the block, so that’s not a permanent solution. I turned on my VPN and was able to access my files.

We have submitted a request to https://spa.xfinity.com/report to reassess storjshare.io. It may take several days to process. It looks like the only options for Xfinity(Comcast) customers is to temporarily allow access up to one hour from the xfinity app, or disable advanced security Use Xfinity xFi Advanced Security - Xfinity Support
While we wait for a response from Xfinity, if you are using their ISP you could try loading the blocked domain over http (not https) http://auth.storjshare.io - you should see Xfinity’s block page which should show instructions on how to allow the site.


I turned off xFi advanced security in my modem settings and it allowed me to access the site again. Thank you for the assistance!