New 1.4.2 Win Gui install fails

Hi All,

I’m trying to set up a node on Win 10 Pro. Followed the install guide.
PC is an i5, 4GB RAM. Target is a 1TB iSCSI target volume on my QNAP NAS. The errors that occurred trying to get storagenode to accept net drives I have already documented in a bug on Github. Once the iSCSI was configured and formatted, I wiped the SN folder and started from scratch. I still keep getting lots of errors and the service doesn’t start. So I copied the command line for the service from the Devices control panel and ran it from a cmd prompt.

  1. Error: couldn't open sink "winfile:///C:\\Program Files\\Storj\\Storage Node\\\\storagenode.log": open C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\\storagenode.log: Access is denied.

Fixed by deleting the additional \ in config.yaml. BTW, this is made difficult, because you can’t just edit files in the “Program Files” tree. Config, logs, etc. should be in APPDATA.

  1. Error: invalid contact.external-address: split host-port "" failed: address missing port in address

Added the missing port number in config.yaml. I did type it into the setup program, so why it’s missing…

Now I was able to start the service. The dashboard comes up ok on the node, but I’m unable to access it from anywhere else, even with both firewalls off.

That leaves the port forwarding, which in my case fails, probably because two routers are involved.

Nope, not because of port forwarding, the dashboard is available only on localhost by default.
You can use this guide to access your dashboard from the internet:

For the local usage is enough to uncomment the console.address: option in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml" (please, use the Notepad++ to edit it, do not use a regular Notepad) and specify the in it. Save the config and restart the storagenode service.

Thank you @Alexey, the dashboard is now accessible.

However the port forwarding was another issue entirely, but now also resolved, thanks to the great community.


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