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Hello! Im a brand new StorJ node operator starting small with a Rpi and 3TB. I just wanted to say Hello, and see if anyone has some useful starting advice and suggestions! Its been up for about 3 days now, and only about 6GB used. I wanted to know is there like a trial process or something new operators go threw? Like The node has to be on and active for a certain amount of time before it starts getting more traffic? Just wanted to maked sure everything is working properly. Any Ideas/Suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated!! Thank you! :smiley:


Welcome to the project and welcome to the community! We hope you’ll find answers to any questions you may have over here but remember this is a community forum and information or advice on here do not necessarily come from Storj themselves :slight_smile:

First thing to say is that this is not a “get rich quick” endeavour. Your node will go through a vetting process for each satellite, during which it will receive significantly less traffic so don’t expect a lot to happen for the first few weeks.

Secondly, the amount of traffic you’re likely to get is somewhat difficult to predict as that depends on usage from Storj customers and this is still a project in its infancy.

The nodes should really pretty much just run and update themselves, so there shouldn’t be much work required on your part but it might be useful to have some sort of monitoring going on just in case it goes down for whatever reason. I’m using uptime robot for my nodes.

Once again welcome and good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you @ACarneiro ! Im not doing it to get rich just doing it as a learning experience and something to do. I have a lot of extra storage so i thought i should put it to use. i also own some Storj on CoinBase so i thought it wouldn’t hurt to help the project out. I Started with 3TB i figured if it gets used up i can always add more right? Thanks for the Warm Welcome again looking forward to expanding my node!


To add more drives it’s better to run one node per HDD: How to add an additional drive? - Node Operator

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They need an initial setup of what is called “watchtower” for receiving updates automatically, but once it’s done then yes everything should stay up-to-date automatically.

@Blazing95 You should definitely consider setting it up if not done already, as nodes running too old versions eventually get disqualified ^^’
Also @ACarneiro’s right: it really is worth monitoring that your node is up and running 24/7 with a tool such as uptimerobot. I’m using it too and it saved me a couple of times! :wink:

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You might wanna check the following tool made by @BrightSilence to get an idea on what ROI to expect by copying it into your own Google account and fill in your numbers:

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