New bucket created with the help of uplink

I’ve created a new bucket and I’ve copied a sample file with CLI but I can’t see them on satellite. Is it normal ?
ref : Quickstart Uplink CLI - Storj DCS Docs

Thank you

Verified with
uplink share --url --not-after=+2h sj://mybucket/sample.jpg

Download  : Allowed
Upload    : Disallowed
Lists     : Allowed
Deletes   : Disallowed
NotBefore : No restriction
NotAfter  : 2022-11-05 18:46:53
Paths     : sj://mybucket/sample.jpg`


(storj) ツ~/HOME/storj ☛ uplink ls sj://mybucket
KIND    CREATED                SIZE      KEY
OBJ     2022-11-05 17:27:07    775393    sample.png
(storj) ツ~/HOME/storj ☛ uplink cp sj://mybucket/sample.jpg ~/sample.jpg
download sj://mybucket/sample.jpg to /home/*****/sample.jpg
error getting reader for part 0: uplink: object not found ("sample.jpg")

Why I’m getting error ?ù


 uplink rm sj://mybucket/sample.jpg
removed sj://mybucket/sample.jpg

I can’t see that file on satellite and I can’t download it but i can still delete it

Hello @Mike1,
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You have this object in your bucket,

but trying to download this one:

of course it doesn’t exist. The conversion of the format is not provided by the uplink, you need to use some other tools for that.
You will download an initial object, then convert with some tool.

The uplink share command can be used when you want to share an object with someone, and you can even generate such an URL for non-existing object (to upload it later for example).
For the existing object the command will be:

uplink share --url --not-after=+2h sj://mybucket/sample.png

about the image format… I didn’t notice it there before sry

Thank you

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