New Connector: cPanel with Storj

As the community knows, we’re diligently working on helping to bring more connectors to the world.
Please let us know how you like this connector to back up data from cPanel servers to the Storj Tardigrade network!


looks like nobody on the forum uses cpanel.
Good work though!

Storing server backups directly on STORJ seems like a good thing.
Personally I use Plesk, so I didn’t answer initially but seeing this announcement empty made me sad :smiley:


What can I do with cPanel ?

Excellent! Was just about to look at what is involved in coding this up. Will give some feedback soon on this. Can’t wait to move away from S3


Please report back on your experience and keep us posted on your progress!

Hello @jocelyn is this “connector” to be installed on an individual website using Cpanel? Or its to be used server-wide on WHM (Cpanel’s backend)?