New layout link sharing page

On a full desktop view I think it does not look very well:

This is what I see when I open a link in a fresh Firefox with 100% view scale.

Everything seems way too big.
The map is cut off / not visible
The sign up/learn more banner is cut off / not visible
The map is so small and you can barely read it but I think it is important:

I would suggest to make the map clickable and open it bigger in a new window or show it bigger when hovering over it at least.

When I hide the flyout the Storj DCS log disappears with it leaving the view without the logo completely, which is also not a good idea I think. A logo should always be visible:

Overall I think the layout for this particular view is worth an improvement because it doesn’t really look very professional.

Anyone can have a look here: Fireplace 10 hours full HD.mp4 | Storj DCS

What screen resolution are you using? It looks fairly small.
I do agree with your points, this needs more tweaking :slight_smile:

It should be 1080x1920. It seems to be optimized for mobile view only. When I do a half window view it looks a little bit better:

But still a bit odd, especially the button for the fly-out. I have never seen something like this before.

It was a temporary thing because we wanted that signup button and the new branding really bad.

Improvements for the next release have already been made.