New location, ip block in use

I’m considering to setup an extra node on another location. Before doing that, Is there a way to check if someone is already running a node in that /24 block?

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I don’t think so, but it would be nice if there would be a way to see how many nodes are in my /24 block. Maybe low traffic is because my block has 50 nodes in it etc.

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there are only 6000 nodes or so
There are 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses

So? Are the nodes distributed evenly across all ISPs of the world? No. It may be that in my /18 block there is only my node, but at the same time there could be 10 other nodes in the same /24.

You could scan the /24 and check for open ports… but I didn’t write this…


Port can be changed :slight_smile:
Well, one way to find out would be to start a new node and see if total traffic increases.

Yes… ports can be changed but every Storj node connects via TLS. And every node’s certificate has the same subject and issuer … Storj

So, while port scanning is generally considered to be “Hacking” and is most likely illegal in nearly all areas… it will work to determine the number of running nodes in any given /24

EDIT: I should also add that Storj should provide some level of node neighbor awareness to SNOs. It’s simply the right thing to do… and would make such discussion of possible “illegal hacking” to get basic neighbor information irrelevant.


I rest my case. good luck