New mode After wipe out system with the same IP

I have set up a new system with the same IP after wipe out the previous installation for testing purposes. Now I see that with the same IP after 24 hours the node is not exchanging data.

Is caused by the hard shutdown of the first previous node and now the same IP is declassified?
Please let me know, the server have 1gbps unmetered in out bandwidth.

Thank you.

Did your node have data before you wiped the system ? How old was the node?

really little data… some MB… have worked only 24 hours

You must create a new identity and authorize it with a new authorization token. Your old identity is very likely is disqualified already for losing customers’ data.

if anything, it is your IDENTITY that is DQed

Go create a new one, you can use the same email adress as before once your last identity token has been “burned”

It’s already a new identity

Then if your node online it should be in vetting process. It can receive only 5% of potential traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on one satellite it should pass 100 audits from it. For the one node it should take at least a month.
Please, keep your node online.

Ok thank you.
It run in a data center, it’s always on.
Last question, it run as lxc container, if I will migrate to another virtualization host with a different IP , deleting the docker instance without deleting file and reapplying the configuration with a new IP , will be disqualified and or will pass the audit check?

If your identity and data will not be lost - all should continue to work.

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