New node 8TB WD Red XFS, NTFS or BTRFS on Unraid

Which Filesystem would you use?
I run one node already in NTFS.
Would it be an advantage to use XFS or BTRFS?
What are you using?

I’m guessing you’re on Linux? I would avoid NTFS in that case. If you’re talking just single disk, then ext4 should be fine.

Yeah it Linux (Unraid)
For me it seems like the unassigned device Plugin for Unraid does not support ext4.
For sure I would prefer it for a Linux system compared to NTFS

Weird, haven’t used Unraid myself, but between that list I’d go with XFS as it’s a bit more established than BTRFS. Don’t bother with encryption, it just adds unnecessary overhead.

Btw, don’t break your head over this one, it doesn’t matter that much.

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thanks for your answer :wink:
Yes I know its not that important at least it should be stable.
I am a to big perfectionist in things like that :smiley:

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