New node after disqualification

Due to personal reason i let the pc offline for a couple of months, and ofcourse it is disqualified now.

But i want to start again. I deleted storange node program from my computer and also the cert key etc.
Did all the steps again also generated a new key of 36 characters but when the node starts it is still disqualified.

how can i fix this?

Are you sure none of the original identity files or database files are present on the computer? Maybe the key was still present in the default directory that identities are saved to? This would be the only way I can think of that your node would be registered as the old one.

Or perhaps if you used the old authorization token it would be linked to the old ident. (I am unsure on this). You should request a new one if that’s the case. I believe you can re-sign the newly generated identity with the new auth token.