New node and git version question

Hello all,

I put up a 25TB node about 2 weeks ago.
Up to about 350GB usage so far.
As you can imagine, I only earned about 50c total during the last two weeks.
I noticed in the dashboard that all payment information for August is gone and it
says “No data to display” when I select “all time” from the menu.

I am not really worried over 50c to be honest, however it lead me to check if there
was an update.

Currently I am running 1.10.1, when I look at GitHub, it shows 1.11.1 is out for a while.

However when I do a sudo docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest, it tells me 1.10.1 is
latest and up to date?

Am I missing something here?


Hello @narkain,
Welcome to the forum!

It gets re-populated later.

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