New node anything i should be aware of?

Hi all i am new here, i looked at storj a year or so ago and other projects but now i am thinking of getting a storage node going at my home to help with electeicity costs of my rack server (electricity is bloody expencive in the UK), is there anything i should be aware of, protential issues etc with running in a virtual environment?
Or anything in general the documentation does not cover?

Initially i am thinking
Proxmox vm.
8Gb ram
4 cores

I have 900 down and 180 up internet connection.

I have lots of bandwith on my residential internet connection.

Welcome to the forum @epsilonion.

You could have a look at @BrightSilence’s estimator to have an idea on what ROI you could expect:

You won’t get much at first as it gets time for a node to grow.

Your specs are more than okay and your Internet connection should be more than enough also.
I don’t know about the VM though, but I guess it’s okay as some other SNOs run nodes within VMs too.

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Thank you for the reply.

I looked at the estimate earnings sheet, looks abit confusing at first glance but soon got it…

Looked at the feature voting post on it and it put it in perspective.

I’m planning on running it long term as a install and forget type thing, the thing i am toying with is increasing the size to cover a full NAS hdd about 6Tb initially.

I have another rack storage server laying around (ripped it out of a company obout 3 years ago) it has 10 6TB enterprise hdd’s but its crazy hungry on electricity and i already pay £150 a month and i am still on a cheap tarrif, thats why its collecting dust in a corner lol