New node - free space allocation (storage amount)

I have a 4TB disk. In properties for the volume, it says I have 3.63TB free even though it was formatted. I assume there is some internal file system or something that consumed some of the space? Anyway, is the correct thing to do to dedicate 3.63 * 0.9 = 3.267TB space for the storage node, to have a 10 % buffer?

I’ve never seen a drive come with all of the advertised space so losing 370GB in a 4TB drive sounds about right.

And yea, 3.267TB allocation is perfect assuming nothing else will reside on that drive.

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I am guessing you are using Windows. Windows reports drive capacity in TiB (tebibytes / base 2) even though it displays the unit as TB (terabytes / base 10). If you use a unit converter 4.00 TB = 3.63 TiB. Storj uses the proper units when you specify storage. So you can allocate 90% of 3.63 TiB as 3.27 TiB in the config file (note the i) and Storj will use 90% of the capacity. Or you can specify 90% of 4.00 TB as 3.60 TB in the config file and it will use 90% capacity. If you specify 3.27TB in the config file you will only be using approximately 82% of the capacity since Windows reports the incorrect units.


Thanks a lot, I think these answers were sufficient to maximize the storage potential of my drives. :slight_smile:

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