New node has been disqualified


I have some questions. I started a new storj node. I had a problem with port. Provider has been block a ports. I removed this problem in a few days, but now my storage nod is disqualified. I tried install renew storj program but still is disqualified. What I have do?

thanks for help

You have to start all over with new auth token (can be same email address) and identity creation.

Disqualification from a very short space of time can only come from corrupt/lost data, so you should check your storage drive for issues as well.


thanks for reply
so I must create only new token and identity?

no, I have 0 MB. Port was not working


But I don’t think you can get DQed if your node has never been online because of that port problem you described. Maybe something else was wrong?

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The new node can be disqualified, if it fail the first audit. But it could happen, if node received at least a one piece, otherwise there is nothing to audit.