New node : No more data incoming since 05 may 00:00 am CEST (maybe vetting)

Hello, i think my new node is in vetting process but the first online day i received 204GB with peaks at 20Mbps of incomming data and since today (second day) no more data incoming. Is it due to the vetting process ? I had a node previously stopped due to cost much elevate than revenue. Thank you. I don’t uderstand why data income for the first day and the second day no more data incoming ? Maybe storj considered me vetted and right now iam not ? (I re precise this is a new node 2 days of age).

Best regards to all community :wink:

You can see your vetting status either by

or by

Your node should pass 100 audits for the satellite to be vetted on it.

However, the lack of activity can be due the customers’ activity. Since the space and bandwidth used by real people, we can’t expect constant traffic or usage.

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Same here, my node doesn’t barely get any ingress from saltlake since May 5th.

I was hoping it was a vetting issue as well but nothing has changed since it passed vetting from saltlake this morning:

Other members suggested my node might be disqualified or suspended by saltlake, however theres no evidence in the logs, the earning estimator or the outputs. It’s also clearly not a reporting issue - I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent issues with saltlake.

May 2020 (Version: 8.2.1)						[snapshot: 2020-05-09 15:52:10Z]
Upload			Ingress		-not paid-			   538.21 GB
Upload Repair		Ingress		-not paid-			     1.38 GB
Download		Egress		20   USD / TB			    23.05 GB	      0.46 USD
Download Repair		Egress		10   USD / TB			     0.00  B	      0.00 USD
Download Audit		Egress		10   USD / TB			    45.82 KB	      0.00 USD
Disk Current		Storage		-not paid-	   456.02 GB
Disk Average Month	Storage		1.50 USD / TBm	    90.62 GBm			      0.14 USD
Disk Usage		Storage		-not paid-	    67.42 TBh
Total							    90.62 GBm	   562.64 GB	      0.60 USD
Estimated total by end of month				   324.35 GBm	     2.01 TB	      2.14 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
us-central-1	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.0003 USD	 0.0007 USD	 0.0010 USD	 0.0014 USD
Vetting:12% (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.0010 USD	 0.0007 USD	 0.0003 USD	 0.0000 USD

europe-west-1	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.0003 USD	 0.0006 USD	 0.0010 USD	 0.0013 USD
Vetting:6% (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.0010 USD	 0.0006 USD	 0.0003 USD	 0.0000 USD

europe-north-1	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.0056 USD	 0.0112 USD	 0.0168 USD	 0.0224 USD
Vetting:39% (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.0168 USD	 0.0112 USD	 0.0056 USD	 0.0000 USD

asia-east-1	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.0005 USD	 0.0009 USD	 0.0014 USD	 0.0018 USD
Vetting:10% (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.0014 USD	 0.0009 USD	 0.0005 USD	 0.0000 USD

saltlake	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.1420 USD	 0.2841 USD	 0.4261 USD	 0.5681 USD
Status:OK (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.4261 USD	 0.2841 USD	 0.1420 USD	 0.0000 USD

stefan-benten	2020-04-30	Paid	 0.0005 USD	 0.0010 USD	 0.0015 USD	 0.0019 USD
Vetting:7% (Audit score:1000)	Held	 0.0015 USD	 0.0010 USD	 0.0005 USD	 0.0000 USD
========== AUDIT ==============
Critically failed:     0
Critical Fail Rate:    0.000%
Recoverable failed:    0
Recoverable Fail Rate: 0.000%
Successful:            89
Success Rate:          100.000%
========== DOWNLOAD ===========
Failed:                1
Fail Rate:             0.093%
Canceled:              12
Cancel Rate:           1.113%
Successful:            1065
Success Rate:          98.794%
========== UPLOAD =============
Rejected:              0
Acceptance Rate:       100.000%
---------- accepted -----------
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              3438
Cancel Rate:           53.719%
Successful:            2962
Success Rate:          46.281%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ====
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              0
Cancel Rate:           0.000%
Successful:            0
Success Rate:          0.000%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD ======
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Canceled:              104
Cancel Rate:           43.154%
Successful:            137
Success Rate:          56.846%
========== DELETE =============
Failed:                0
Fail Rate:             0.000%
Successful:            494
Success Rate:          100.000%

It’s more likely to be a reporting issue rather than actually no traffic. There was some trouble with reporting on the saltlake satellite. It looks like your node is getting traffic from it though, based on the satellite breakdown from the earnings calculator. And that also shows you’re not disqualified. However, you are using a fairly old version that doesn’t detect suspensions just yet. Update it to get some new goodies including detection of suspension and more details on held back amounts etc.

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Thanks @BrightSilence!

Just updated the earnings script, unfortunately no new findings. It’s also no reporting issue since my traffic logs show the same as the node dashboard. It gets some traffic, however I would describe the drop as quite significant (25x). ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe saltlake doesn’t like to expand during its recent deletion frenzy. It just seems weird to me that the network leaves so much space unused, but I have no idea about the storj network architecture.

Well, it’s not like mining. It’s actual customers storing data. So usage patterns may differ from time to time. Space doesn’t instantly get used if it isn’t all needed.