New Node not very much data

Hi i have setup a new node today and i only got 3gb in 11h the node has 1gb/s up/down.
Is this normal or is there a problem?

This is completely normal there’s not a ton of data flowing, Plus as a new node your node is going to a vetting process and it takes a month or more to get though it.

thx for your quick response :smiley:
whats the vetting process?

Its when your node gets audits these happen at random times and are not predictable, once each satellite audits your node 100 times then you will get out of vetting, Its so a satellite knows if your node is one that can be trusted.

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ok thx for the info.
is there a way to see how menne of the audits i already have? Or some type of info how trusted my node is?

If you search the forum you will find it. Question has been asked several times so its not hard to find.

Search for audits

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This windows tool does the job.

But please use the board search first next time :wink:

what do you have against search?