New node, Old version

I just created a new node.

4 on one machine… all but one are on version v1.102.3
1 is on v1.99.3

How come?
These are newly deployed, shouldn’t they be the newest available?
There is only one docker image downloaded. which is 2 months old.

Can we force an update in docker?



Docker image version does not correlate with storagenode software version. It updates when framework around the storagenode requires changes or to pick up base image security fixes.

Docker image runs storagenode-updater that manages thestoragenode version automatically, according to rollout schedule at

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I had the same this weekend, rebooted the host and updated the storagenode docker, as the image was 6+ months out of date and a new one had been released a few months ago - sad the image doesn’t do security updates automatically, and with no watchtower peoples image is very out of date…

12 nodes, all on 1.101.3, after the restart all reverted back to 1.99.3, the storagenode-updater logic is bad :frowning:

You can side load any image into docker, #WARNING : this could break your node if you don’t know what your doing.

  1. visit the releases github, and download the storagenode binary for your architecture - **WARNING - DO NOT use the newest binary version, check on to see what’s being rolled out - the release page will often be many versions ahead of what we should be running, you can break things running wrong version **

  2. unzip the storagenode binary on your host machine using unzip.

  3. execute ./storagenode ← just to double check you have the right architecture, you should get the help text

  4. do a docker ps -a to show all containers

  5. pick a victim, do a docker stop container id i.e docker stop 4e2426af94 (do not use compose, or docker rm, even if you used compose or swarm to create container)

  6. run docker cp ./storagenode <container id>:/app/ for example (this not code) docker cp ./storagenode 4e2426af94:/app/

  7. then do a docker start containerid for example (this not code) docker start 4e2426af94

  8. check the container logs, you will see the storagenode-updater will check the binary, will print the newer version, then ignore it if #cursor not on your node for update yet.


It’s correct, because we considered all versions between 1.99.3 and a newly rollout are not stable…
So, please wait for the upgrade.


and when do i know my node is about to be updated?
seed and node id?

i did let them run and they are up to date now btw

Thank you all for educating this fool me :wink:

Yes, this is the logic: How to calculate update progress? - #2 by arrogantrabbit



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