New node - v1.104.5 -- No bandwidth reporting

Just setting up an additional single disk node.

went to the dashboard and noticed that bandwidth isn’t moving, however disk is growing.


online for 20 minutes…

I’ve checked the db location and expected DB files are there…

Any clues?


With the latest update bandwidth is no longer updated in real time, instead bandwidth only records orders when they are settled.
Because of this, it will probably take a while for the graph to start showing data.
As long as the logs show that pieces are being uploaded succesfully to the node, I would not worry for now.
If this persists for a while, or there are concerning ERROR messages in the logs, then there might be some issue.


great knowledge @pasatmalo !

thanks for that information

No Errors, so I just thought it was odd with no explanation :slight_smile:


I do not expect that it may have a zero usage for the entire month.
I would suggest to check your databases anyway

Hi @Alexey

It did report bandwidth after around 2 hours of being first online.

I just wasn’t used to the long wait to see activity in the chart :slight_smile:

made sense what @pasatmalo had said previously now.

Thanks all

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