New Node v1.80.10 Ingress does not corralate to disk usage

Today I got 31 Gb of Ingress, only 15Gb of disk space usage, double checked with df -h and du -h

This is a known issue, it was discussed here on the forum. The fix for this will be included in version 1.82 - storagenode/piecestore: fix ingress graph skewed by larger signed orders · storj/storj@b6026b9 · GitHub.


Ok, did not know that, thanks.

So today I created a new node, its 3 hours old and I noticed something very weird.
The bandwith shows 10GB ingress, but ,the usage is 4GB. The bandwith on the dashboard shows wrong values. Anyone has seen something like this?

See this New Node v1.80.10 Ingress does not corralate to disk usage - Node Operators / troubleshooting - Storj Community Forum (official)

thanks. Close topic pls

is there a estimated date for the update?

I have no idea, but the updates are rolled out usually every couple of weeks, and it should be the next version to be released.

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They started shipping out 1.81.3, so 1.82 is going to take a while longer.

Another weird behaviour, my new node (the one above) has 5 days of existence, it already has ~130Gb of used space, it’s not even vetted!
I got 2 vetted nodes almost full and I don’t think they ever got this much “real” ingress in such a short amount of time.

Is this another bug?

unvetted nodes are in a different pool of nodes, so they don’t share the same traffic as vetted nodes.

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So this is a policy?
A vetted node does not receive the same type of data or type of customer data has unvetted nodes?
At this rate I will almost fill my 1Tb drive before it’s even vetted.

Yes sort of, see Looks like data not split 2 nodes same IP - #9 by Knowledge

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Unlikely. From your words it sounds like your node would be vetted soon, then it will be in the pooi with vetted nodes :slight_smile:

In my experience vetting takes about a month,it hasn’t been a week it’s been up.
Unless there is a policy of SNO with more then one node getting vetted sooner on new nodes.

The parameters for vetting have been changed recently to allow to pass the vetting faster than a half of year, it is expected to be not less than a month, but it could be a bug somewhere.

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