New partner in the Tardigrade Ecosystem: Filebase!

Could not find yet an official announcement here, so I thought it should be ok to post this:


I had a look and it’s dead simple to use, I sent an email to get the free TB and they responded 2 minutes later, kudos to them for being so responsive !
That’s the kind of easy to use interface that will bring everyday customers to tardigrade.
The pricing isn’t too bad but for 10$/month you can get 2To on google drive which is kind of the benchmark for everyday people.


Great News so far!
I use for Backup-Purposes of my NAS - fully compatible with the Synology Hyperbackup-Client (S3).
But till a few days ago you got 1TB for 5$/Month and 3TB for 15$/Month.
Its a slight Price-Increasement :wink:


If nothing else, 5GB free is nice for something decentralized and brain dead easy to setup and take advantage of.

Thanks, I’m not seeing an S3 compatible interface for that one, going to be difficult to integrate.

Just signed up for a free account to test, It was really fast to upload!

I’ll consider using for my home backups, it’s nice they have some integrations also with a few backup tools that I already use.

Their docs section is helpful -


Hyper Backup on synology very fast and easy.


Yep, trying to figure out what stuff will fit in the free plan. Maybe all my Docker volumes on the Synology. :thinking:

I went for the $5 plan, 350GB isn’t bad given how fast it is