New Storj Labs Community Forum App?

A couple days ago my browser offered to download this new app onto my Mac. I like it but was there any discussion about it here on the forum?

This is a screen shot of the interface which is similar to the browser interface (except not easy to ‘go back’ to the previous page which is helpful in the browser.

This feature was here from the start of the forum. Any web site can offer made it as an web-app, if your browser is smart enough to handle that offer.
You can do it on the smartphone too, at least with Chrome or Edge.

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Perhaps it was a recent update to Brave Browser?

Pretty sure brave has had support for progressive web apps for a long time as it uses the same base as Chrome.

Yeah, I am wondering why I just saw the alert. Is the Macintosh based app new? I also noticed on my IOS phone that I can’t find the app whether using Brave Browser, Safari or Chrome.

This is how it looks in the Chrome on my smartphone

I am running Apple IOS 13.5.1

This is Chrome:

It shows suggestion until you close it. Maybe you have closed it already?
Or could be a difference between Chrome versions? My is 83.0.4103.106

My version is 83.0.4103.88 - the most recent version an iPhone can get on the Apple Store today in the US: