"New" (to me) hardware pickups

So, I’ve been slowly picking up more hardware to play with. I got this 1RU system a few days back.
HP Proliant DL120 G5. Yeah, another G5 box. but this one is quite different in that it has a low wattage power supply. It doesn’t take anywhere near the power of the Gen 5 Xeon’s. originally it came with an E2160 but I just happened to have a Q9950 spare from a HP Desktop tower that had bad caps so i bunged that in and it worked perfectly fine.

My tomato router is getting bit long in the tooth so I’m considering replacing that with this and running pfense. I’ve already whacked in a spare 250GB SSD and replaced the CR2302 battery so as soon as i can pick up an Intel nic we should be good to go. :slight_smile: I already stuck proxmox on it briefly for testing just to play a little with the Q9950 it was quite fun to use.


I paid $20 bucks for the server and whacked in 2gb ram I had in my spares pile to make 4GB total.

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I’ve seen other people mention they use or used OpenBSD. I ran OpenBSD as my firewall for many, many years. Using both a Sun Ultra 5 (converted to Ultra SCSI and not the crap IDE controller) and also an Alphastation 255 at different points in time. I started in the BSD world on NetBSD on the Digital DECstation family. (MIPS hardware).


One of my most favorite machines of this period of time. My SGI Octane. Sadly, it did not survive storage at a relative’s when I went to Oman. I wept when I came back and saw the condition it was in.