New to Storj; is storj similar to Pied Piper

I am sorry and hope no one is offended, also being technically not sharp (when it comes to reading white papers). I STORJ similar to Pied Piper in the TV show, The Silicon Valley?

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Welcome to the forum @tiwarikaran !

It was an algorithm to shrink video and Storj is all about decentralized storage.

You can definitely read the blog at Storj Blog since whitepaper can be a bit technical to understand.


I think towards the end they start to provide decentralized storage alongwith many other features

IIRC Richard was working on Decentralized Internet rather than storage specifically. Laurie (Pied Pier’s investor) insisted on using AI which lead to Dinesh’s Tesla being hacked.

PS: I think everyone in the tech industry should watch Silicon Valley. Its inspired from real world from real people. :nerd_face:

I’d suggest you give the white paper for Storj a try. It starts out pretty high level and not so technical and then dives into things deeper. There is a very nice ramp and you can stop at any time it becomes too technical and still have a good idea about the core concepts. Storj Whitepaper V3

I think @nerdatwork’s answer pretty much covers this, but… I couldn’t help but link this april fools joke (and also kind of not, those “boxes” were actually real). Introducing the New Storj Box, Shawn Wilkinson Signature Edition III