New to Storj node and have an issue with a node that just keeps restarting

Hi, new to the storj node, got everything set up but the node keeps restarting. I have gone through any thread I could find that was associated with this and tried out a few of the tips. If I use docker ps -a is shows the node running but when I go into the docker desktop app it shows that its restarting indefinitely it never starts up. What is the latest information on this issue, I believe it is likely something with my setup. I’m new and it did take me a while to set tardigrade up as well, I am probably missing something.

Where should i focus my energery, is it likely it is the config.yaml file, the storage directory or a network issue associated with either the static IP or port forwarding?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Hello @egonglad,
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Please, check your logs:

Thanks for the info on checking logs. I am not quite sure what the issue was but I pasted the code directly into the the terminal instead and changed the path from /Users/Library… and put the identity and the rest of the folders directly in the same folder as the storage destination.

Is your problem resolved?

If you used a text processor to form the command, it’s very common that this text processor replaced all straight quotes to curly ones and all double dashes to hyphens. Those symbols are not valid for the CLI.
You must use a plain text editor such as nano to form the command.