New to storj using windows10 gui

Hi all,please could someone give me advice, I started storj on the 18th January, on windows 10 using windows gui. I had over 3tb of used space downloaded,today nothing in bandwidth or disk space two hours on its states iv got 1.08gb bandwidth and 181.29gb. So do I take it starts a fresh every month or have I lost it.thanks in advance

You don’t see any GB*H on graph?
It updates about once in 12h
Post dashboard pic, to understand what do you mean?

Yes. It follows time in UTC.

Last night it said I had 3.48tb disk space used,and no coins went into my wallet,that’s why I thought I asked.
Thanks vadim

Ty nerdatwork for your reply

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Payment for previous month is done in first 2 weeks of current month. There will be an announcement when all payments are done.

That’s great ty so much

Welcome to the forum and to the family of SNOs :slight_smile: @Minerbri

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I highly doubt that you had 3TB used when you started just 2 weeks ago. Look closer at the units used in the dashboard and you will see, that it is TBh. 1TBh is 1TB stored for 1h. If you divide the 3TBh by 13*24h you get the average space used for that period.


I also noticed the same thing as @Minerbri. Is there a location or way to view old stats from January, etc? I started on the 24th I believe and am looking forward to operating this node for a while. While I only have a 100/100mbps connection, I still feel like the more nodes the merrier. I may be missing something, but I haven’t found a way to quickly locate previous stats, expected payouts, etc. from the Windows GUI. I feel like the users utilizing the CLI Install may have more statistics accessible or at least displayed. Hate to be that newbie that has no idea what they are doing but I’d like to learn and be a useful asset one day here.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forum @bigolin!

You can enter previous month to get the stats & expected payouts.

You should operate 1 node per HDD & only when your first HDD is full, you should spin up another node (with new authorization token) behind same IP.

We were all newbies at 1 point but your awesome SNO family & Storj has your back :slight_smile: