New undercover Storagenode Update?

New update slowly roled out?
version… show 35.3 ?

Bug, Hack? or what?

Githun dont have this file 35.3 but for updater there is path to it.

it is tagged on github:

Looks like it, I guess they do not want people to rush updating when the new update is released.
Well, I monitor the docker image version and will update when that is available.

but there is no binarys yet only source. so it cant update.

ok, then don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i hope updater services wont crash on it.

Please don’t precipitate updating to a new version, just as the last time, we are doing slow rollouts and there is no need to update before we are actually done with the release and have announced it.


there is nothing to update, no binaries, but on it already new version, it just confused me.
also there is a path to not existant binaries

like I said, we are not done yet. Unfortunately, we can’t do everything instantly at the same time. Please just wait until we announce the update.Thank you for your patience.

I just pointed, than shold show new version after you make binaries, and announce update not before.