New user, want to ask for guidance and tips :)

Hello everyone! (See the bottom for specs)
I have long followed this project. Last weekend I got a much-needed bandwidth increase which allowed me to take part in the STORJ network.

I followed the excellent guide on how to get started on the STORJ network, and set up my node in the livingroom. It’s an old Dell Optiplex I had lying around. Since I am just testing STORJ for now, I only added 4TB of storage space to it.

It has been running for two days, and it appears to be doing something. As we speak, I can see that 270MB of storage has been used by STORJ.

I guess I just have some general questions!

  1. Is 270 MB of used storage in two days an expected value? I had imagined my node would fill up faster than this.
  2. Why can I not find my node on the API?
  3. Is the rate of which one’s storage fills up related to how much storage one has available for the node? I would not imagine so, but I want to make sure. I have an additional 20TB lying around that I haven’t hooked up yet to save on the electricity bill. If I could start the node and specify that I actually have 24 TB and not 4TB of storage, and have it fill up faster, that would be preferable.
  4. How can I monitor my node? I am of course aware of the docker exec -it storagenode /app/ command, but I would like to have more in-depth information about the node. I am also aware of SNOboard, and that it is not ready yet. What methods do you guys use to monitor and improve your node?

Excited to be part of STORJ this early!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Ubuntu 18 Bionic Beaver
Node version 0.19.7
ID: 1YbhNU9TsBuVEF4zQKaEP9iM11QzsBiF4rddDTCAJUjbLbPCs8
300Mb downlink, 30Mb uplink
External static address :
Port 28967 correctly forwarded and static internal IP assigned to node

Welcome to the project and the forums!

I’ll just jump straight into answering your questions as best I can.

  1. It can be. The network is still in beta and the past few days upload tests have not been active and most of the network uploads in grand scale. Another thing to note is that if your node is new, it has to undergo vetting before it gets trusted with more data. So 272MB in 2 days isn’t half bad considering those two factors.
  2. is for the deprecated V2 network, not V3 so you won’t find your node on there.
  3. That would be a negative. The upload priority is based primarily on reputation but there is still a bit of random selection involved. However the more space and bandwidth you have available for the node to use, the more you can earn in the long run.
  4. I use Node Connection Tracker and a custom modified version of Script: Calculate Success Rates for Audit, Download, Upload, Repair in addition to monitoring the system via NetData for my node, but there are a few who use Zabbix or other such solutions on the forums. I also use to monitor the outside uptime.

Extra Note: I recommend not setting your bandwidth to 10PB if you don’t actually have the ability to fulfill that as it can get your node disqualified during periods of heavy testing/network use. I recommend putting your download+upload speed in there, take the value it gives for a month, and divide by your preferred bandwidth allocation (how much of your total speed do you want to allocate in other words). I recommend not giving it a bandwidth allocation higher than 70% if your download and upload combined are not above 200Mbps and you want to use your internet connection for other things.

Again, Welcome to the project and the forums. Feel free to ask any further questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.



Thank you for the response, Vedalken.

Your answers explain everything I have been wondering about. Regarding the bandwidth, I will reduce it to a reasonable value. I set it to a very large value just to get up and running, but you are right in that I should correct it.

Hi Again, I actually have another question.
If I want to set up a second node, can I do that with the authorization token I received? I ask because I actually have nearly 70 TB of storage that I cannot properly utilize on my own network due to bandwidth limitations so I’d like to set them up on a second node at my friend’s place since he has the bandwidth necessary.

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