Newbie in storj. Is this status ok?

Hi! Im new in Storj platform and im testing one node in my testing hardware (Xeon E5-2680, 32GB RAM, 4TB HDD, 1GB up/down)

Can someone tell me if this is a normal situation? Maybe can I have a configuration problem?

Regards :wink:

Welcome to the forums @alejandrobg!

Everything looks fine to me. Did you have any specific questions or doubts based on these results?


I just needed to confirm that it was fine, because the first days of use i generated more traffic than the current days

Network usage fluctuates. As long as your dashboard shows your node is online and you see transfers in the logs, your node is doing fine.

Hi there! I have a few questions and i’m also newbe in Storj so forgive me if is not good to use the same topic but it is for the same subject.

In my dashboard i’ve got every SATELITE Suspention score to 100% and the Audit Score also to 100% but when i run the Earnings script i’ve got that:

So i can’t understand it very well…what is good and what is bad…

Thanks for you attention.

Both are good!

The storj dashboard displays a score, which isn’t actually a percentage of anything (I still think that sign should be removed). 100 is a perfect score. When that score drops below 60, you get suspended (suspension score < 60) or disqualified (audit score < 60).

With the earnings calculator I took a different approach. It shows how close to suspension or disqualification you are. 100%+ means you will be suspended or disqualified. The status will also turn into WARNING if you have a score over 5% there, as that may be an indication you should investigate possible issues. The upside of this is that you don’t need to know any thresholds. 100% DQ score means you are disqualified, 50% means you’re halfway to disqualification.

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Ok all clear!

One thing more…i guess all satelites will get vetted right?

Other way around. All satellites will vet your node individually. The last one just takes a little longer as that satellite is mostly idle for now. Nothing to worry about. That’s normal and expected.

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So it displays the percentage of perfection. Perfectly fine :slight_smile:

The problem is that knowing the percentage of successful audits is not as useful to end users as knowing how close they are to disqualification. Showing audit percentage requires knowledge of what the minimum successful audits percentage is.

earnings calculator (“how close to disqualification”)
0% perfect -> 100% disqualified

dashboard (“percentage of successful audits”)
100% perfect -> 60% disqualified -> no one really cares beyond this point

Is it not a successful audits percentage? In any case, I do agree that it is not a very useful metric.


It used to be, but it’s not anymore. It actually displays the scores used for disqualification/suspension now. Which is a lot better than the life time percentage it showed before, but it isn’t a percentage. It’s a score. That’s why I previously intentionally chose to show it as a score from 0 to 1000 in the earnings calculator as to not confuse it with a percentage. Storj decided to replace the meaning (from lifetime percentage to scores) without changing how it is displayed. There are arguments for any approach of course. I prefer to go with the option that requires the least amount of knowledge and provides the most information.