Nextcloud storj app connection error

Hello, I hope its ok to post this here.
I have manged to install storj nextcloud app using DOCKER_MODS. Everything seems fine so far. I just can’t connect to storj. I input the access grant etc. but it won’t connect.

This is the error I’m receiving. I hope someone can please help me :smiley:

There was an error with message: Failed loading ‘/config/www/nextcloud/apps/storj/vendor/storj/uplink/build/’: Error relocating /config/www/nextcloud/apps/storj/vendor/storj/uplink/build/ seteuid: initial-exec TLS resolves to dynamic definition in /config/www/nextcloud/apps/storj/vendor/storj/uplink/build/

Would you mind opening an issue on the respective repository for the bindings or the nextcloud integration itself here?

Yes, I can do that. I was originally going to post it there but wasn’t sure if I should :upside_down_face:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: