No automatic start

Hey guys,

my storj windows service does not automatically start after a system reboot or an update. What can I do now ? Thanks

Hi Nico,
what does your logs say (last 20 lines)?
Did you checked if your drive is ok?
How is your drive connected?

Does it start, if you start the service manually?

Log is good and it does start manually.

Then I have to guess that maybe something is blocking the autostart.
Can you show how the service page for storj looks like?

There has to be two entrys for storj.

Please, open a cmd.exe as Administrator

sc.exe config storagenode depend= dnscache


I have something similar, if I stop the service and try to restart it doesnt works, I have to restart the whole system and start it manually. Btw, the above is “storagenode.exe config storagenode depend= dnscache” works I just tested and the node started automatically after system restart.

wrong command :slight_smile:
The right one:

@Alexey Maybe I missed something, but there is no sc exe in my storj folder

it’s a system integrated tool

sc.exe /?

@Alexey, I did it again, now it says success