No contracts in 50+ hours

I have had my node running for about a week now and the last contract I got was over 50 hours ago. should I be doing something to get more.

Thanks in advance

Hi @hacxx101,
StorJ doesn’t use the term ‘contracts’. If you check the log file then you’ll see:

INFO	piecestore	upload started	{"Piece ID": ...
INFO	piecestore	uploaded	{"Piece ID": ...


INFO	piecestore	download started	{"Piece ID": ...
INFO	piecestore	downloaded	{"Piece ID": ...

This shows data being stored and retrieved from your node. If you don’t see these lines then something is wrong and you should check for open ports and that your node is the correct version.


Thanks. any reason on the dashboard I am not getting an error other then the contact time

Please post a picture.

Are you talking of ‘Last Contact’ on the dashboard? This is when the webpage was refreshed.


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Where did you get this number of ‘contracts’ from?

As said, this is not usual Storj terminology, so it’s a bit unclear what you mean by that :slight_smile:

In general, you should not expect a lot of traffic in the first 4 weeks of operation.

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Contracts are used with Siacoin not storj

Sorry miss type on my part I meant contact.

Yes. I have from time to time refreshed the page and that counter has not reset to 0 is that the only way I can tell their is an issue with my node. other then looking in the logs all the time.

The tests to check a node is ‘ok’:

Open port test - uptimerobot or similar to email if port is closed.
Online test - check the node dashboard shows ‘Online’.
Graph test - check the graph on the node dashboard isn’t flat for ingress/egress.

Log test - check the log file for ‘ERROR’ or ‘FATAL’ messages.

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